Sister not so fast please

January 24, 2011

Brothers and sister have talked about this for years now we have done it.

We ran together last Sunday to Gold Coast this time records show about 2% error based on Garmin 410.
Garmin: 13.46k
RunKeeper Pro: 13.74k

Average pace
Garmin = 7:25 min/k
RunKeeper Pro = 7:16 min/k

Elevation gain
Garmin = 231m
RunKeeper Pro = 448m

Sister Karen said she normally does about 3k on treadmill worried that she couldn’t run all the way to Gold Coast. We first stopped at about 10k to wait for everyone she ran just far too fast at her ‘treadmill pace’. My friend Eric and I ran our normal half marathon pace trying to catch up.

At the last 3k or so I ran in front of everyone trying to do better time than last week, I did better by only 1 minute 5 seconds.

Too bad we forgot to take a picture of the event in front of this

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