RunKeeper is even better now

January 13, 2011

Apple is always ahead, Nike isn’t. It is disappointing to see Nike, with a partnership with Apple for 5 years, isn’t as innovative as Apple.

I switched to iPhone 4 last July and it was disappointing to see Nike+ app for iOS isn’t updated to support heart rate monitoring. Nike+ indeed offers a Polar chest belt but that is for 5th Gen iPod nano only, would you buy another gadget if you already owned an iPhone. I just can’t understand why other iOS devices aren’t supported.

Using GPS to track distance and route is very popular now as everyone has a phone and those so called smartphone with GPS built-in is so popular now. Also I found earlier that ANT+ dongle is in fact not that expensive (comparing to a Garmin watch) making communication between iPhone with training peripherals such as HR monitor and stride sensors etc very easy.

This dongle costs $79.99 which I would have impulsively purchased if I hadn’t bought Garmin 410 for $415. RunKeeper is even better now with HR monitor support via a Wahoo ANT+ dongle for iPhone.

This Nike+ TomTom late comer isn’t attractive at all (not available in this part of the world until 6 months later) firstly it won’t be cheap (upto $299), transmission of data isn’t done wirelessly (via USB flip out from the watch) secondly it doesn’t give voice cues lastly it doesn’t work with Nike’s app for iPhone.

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