Wrong, wrong and again wrong shoes

January 5, 2011

My first pair of running shoes was of Adidas (US 9-1/2, UK 9) I learned brisk walking and a bit of running with it. Later I got a pair of Nike+ (US 8, UK 7) which was quite good and my feet had no complaint except when I ran longer distances (10k+). My left foot little toe wasn’t too happy obviously the cutting was narrower for my toes. Then I have below Adidas Supernova Riot 3M (US 8, UK 7-1/2) which has more width (my little toe stopped complaining then).


However after this run I found my second toe suffered from bruise after running downhill, so I bought another Adidas of UK size 8 assuming that the design is more or less the same so a bit more room at the front would be alright.

Wrong again, since my left foot’s “inner big toe mound” is bigger than my right foot) I can’t even walk out of the door after trying it at home. It turns out that shoe lace design is also important.

This is like other things in life don’t be afraid of making mistakes just keep trying.

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