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The return route

January 29, 2011

The scene is like below running back to where we started.

I was lucky on one hand it wasn’t that cold this morning on the other the sun wasn’t as strong as last week but too bad it was terribly windy at many spots. My pouch originally place at front was blown to the side and at one point I had to stop to hold the rail to stay upright.

My stomach started to complain a bit at the last 3k and I had to walk a bit.

Garmin = 19.17k
RunKeeper Pro = 19.55k
2% difference appears to be fairly consistent

Time = 2:26:35

Elevation gain
Garmin = 337m (difference between gain & loss is 4m which is accurate)
RunKeeper Pro = 705m (no break down of gain & loss)

Heart Rate A/M = 158/168

Sister not so fast please

January 24, 2011

Brothers and sister have talked about this for years now we have done it.

We ran together last Sunday to Gold Coast this time records show about 2% error based on Garmin 410.
Garmin: 13.46k
RunKeeper Pro: 13.74k

Average pace
Garmin = 7:25 min/k
RunKeeper Pro = 7:16 min/k

Elevation gain
Garmin = 231m
RunKeeper Pro = 448m

Sister Karen said she normally does about 3k on treadmill worried that she couldn’t run all the way to Gold Coast. We first stopped at about 10k to wait for everyone she ran just far too fast at her ‘treadmill pace’. My friend Eric and I ran our normal half marathon pace trying to catch up.

At the last 3k or so I ran in front of everyone trying to do better time than last week, I did better by only 1 minute 5 seconds.

Too bad we forgot to take a picture of the event in front of this

Protect it

January 17, 2011

Let me protect it first then find a long term solution. I was OK when I was wearing a wrong size Nike or Adidas for up to 15k. The problem came when I ran 20k+ with a new Adidas. I will never again attempt breaking distance record with a pair of new shoes.

It was very cold

January 16, 2011

It was very cold this morning, as usual my warm up wasn’t done properly. I felt a bit of cramp at 2k and that didn’t go away until 6k my best condition came at around 10k.

It was cloudy and pretty windy today apart from my right leg and left feet problems it was a nice run. Accuracy on distance between Garmin and RunKeeper is only 1% except for elevation which I can’t verify. For this route I hope to do it in 1:30 when I’m fit. [Edited: the route was same as this but stopped at Gold Coast]

Time = 1:40:53
Average pace = 7:33
A/MHR = 153/166
Distance = 13.36k
Elevation gain = 236m

Time = 1:41:50
Average pace = 7:33
Distance = 13.50k
Elevation gain = 425m