A $89 run

December 4, 2010

Again this time the harbour was on my left. The Tolo harbour however at that time of the morning was pretty boring. I prefer Castle Peak road.

The good thing about this route is that highway traffic is a fair distance from the road, I doubted why noise barrier was not installed between the highway and the bicycle/jogging route because there must be more people using the route than that residing on the hillside along the highway. Too bad on Saturday morning piling rigs next to Science Park were still banging the ground while we ran pass. The sewage works is scentless, on crossing the Shing Mun River we have a choice of Ma On Shan on the left or Shatin town on the right.

At that time of the morning there were many people walking alone the way, we took a pedestrian bridge leading to Shatin Central Park.

We parked in Shatin early morning, to save time we took a $89 taxi ride to Tai Po. This is a pretty good verification of the run distance. The taxi driver said it was his first time taking passengers to Tai Po Waterfront park I said there aren’t too many idiots who like to run one-way from Tai Po to Shatin.


Recorded distance:
Nike+ 11.25k
miCoach 13.92k
RunKeeper App 12:21k (lost 7 minutes)

Nike+ 11:25k time 101:53 pace 9:03 A/MHR 158/172 score 80%
Runkeeper 12:21k time 94:41 pace 7:75

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