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Nike+ GPS tested again, and again

December 31, 2010

I reset all previous calibration and started off fresh with Nike+ GPS app again this morning, here it showed 5.26k


while Garmin 410 showed 5.06k exactly as before. In fact the turning back point at 2.5k was in fact a bit earlier than my last run. Garmin also showed a slight difference in elevation gain of 12m between 2 runs.

I guess an error of 3.95% isn’t too bad (assuming Garmin is right).

I’ll do a longer run this Sunday with Garmin and Nike+ GPS app.


December 30, 2010

早前教了阿仔什麼是 square of 如 “二的平方”。其後便是 Pythagoras theorem 這也不太難明白。

要他明白開方 square root 這符號就有點難,只因小學只會用上加減乘除和等號。開方這符號裏面有一數字又會等如另一個數字的確有點怪。

最後想到最好用兒童語言,兒童常用復字如"媽媽,爸爸,仔仔",阿仔的 nick name 就是 “boy boy”, 有時寫在紙上也會寫 boy square。

開方(媽媽)= 媽
開方(boyboy) = boy
開方(3)就是要找一個數乘自己等如 3。

當然最先要教的是"爸爸"不是 “爸+爸” 是 “爸乘爸” !

Nike+ GPS tested again

December 29, 2010

I tested the Nike+ GPS iPhone app more than a month ago, I compared it against milestones and miCoach, it was disappointing.

Recently I saw a few updates of this App so I tested it again. At last GPS signal is good enough to show me the map

this is what Garmin 410 recorded

The distance of Nike+ app is still terribly out by more than 6% (if Garmin 410 is right).

I calibrated the app last time after seeing the error of 7.61 v 6, now the app has been updated may be I should reset the calibration and try again.

My lucky day

December 26, 2010

I had to redo this beautiful route.

Went to see “walking with dinosaurs” last night and it was cold and raining. This morning I was lucky to have blue sky and sunshine. Let’s get going

Ting Kau Bridge

Tsing Ma Bridge

running with ocean going vessel

the most beautiful coastline in Hong Kong

Tuen Mun, too much traffic had to stop here

the complete route

summary of run

how did I perform

Nike+ recorded 15:84k time 1:56:30 pace 7:21
Garmin moving 15.71k moving time 1:53:12 moving pace 7:12
A/MHR = 153/163

I’ll do this route again with my new toy.