Adidas and Nike are friends

November 24, 2010

Ever since I started running I have been using Nike running shoes. I needed the Nike+ gears to track my workouts. I have enough of them (500 miles+) so I got new pair of Adidas shoes.


I did worry about fitting of the Nike+ stride sensor onto non Nike+ shoes. Now I found in fact Adidas and Nike are friends and their gears are compatible.

Nike+ no doubt has first lander advantage in this respect it’s sensible for Adidas to design their gears to be compatible such that customers don’t have to make tough buying decision. Their stride sensors are in fact of similar dimensions.


It’s easy to fit the Nike+ sensor into the Adidas miCoach stride sensor shoes lace bracket. Alternatively you could put the Nike+ stride sensor into the cavity under the Adidas shoe sole. Piece of cake!


I just ran with Adidas shoes and Nike+ gear this morning.

Nike+ 4.33 pace 7:23 time 32:01 A/MHR 149/156 score 80%

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  1. I love your site theme! What template did you use ?

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