500 miles

November 14, 2010

I have done 500 miles with my Nike+ iPhone app, a significant milestone!

Screen shot 2010-11-14 at 4.54.46 PM

Yesterday I planned to run for 90 minutes at about 2k I met a friend who recently moved to live nearby.    I seldom run in the afternoon.  I hate running in the afternoon but it was an enjoyable experience running with him.   On Saturday afternoon there were still construction vehicles, a few, along the trail and it’s very annoying.    I had to stop and smell their exhaust.

Talking while running at the fist 5k was also my first experience.    The heart rate below looks a bit scary but I think it was all due to the dry weather.   Although I wet the contacts of my chest belt the dry wind blew through my shirt probably removed my sweat faster than I could generate.    At the end my skin also started to complain as my fat legs rubbed themselves 13,770 times.

I’ll attempt half marathon soon.

Nike+ 11.8k time 85:25 pace 7:14 A/MHR 163/190 score 70%

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