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Adidas and Nike are friends

November 24, 2010

Ever since I started running I have been using Nike running shoes. I needed the Nike+ gears to track my workouts. I have enough of them (500 miles+) so I got new pair of Adidas shoes.


I did worry about fitting of the Nike+ stride sensor onto non Nike+ shoes. Now I found in fact Adidas and Nike are friends and their gears are compatible.

Nike+ no doubt has first lander advantage in this respect it’s sensible for Adidas to design their gears to be compatible such that customers don’t have to make tough buying decision. Their stride sensors are in fact of similar dimensions.


It’s easy to fit the Nike+ sensor into the Adidas miCoach stride sensor shoes lace bracket. Alternatively you could put the Nike+ stride sensor into the cavity under the Adidas shoe sole. Piece of cake!


I just ran with Adidas shoes and Nike+ gear this morning.

Nike+ 4.33 pace 7:23 time 32:01 A/MHR 149/156 score 80%

Beautiful route

November 20, 2010

This is a beautiful route along the west coast of Kowloon. Today I ran with ocean going vessels, ferry to Macao, speed boats of custom and a few men swimming. This is quite different from what I’m used to in Bowen trail since there isn’t much tree big enough to protect me from the sun. Fair amount of ups and downs are also new experience. My friend said traffic is much less on Sunday morning.


I used miCoach together with the NIke+ GPS iPhone app, too bad signal is again too weak therefore no mapping could be done. I used google map to indicate the route I did above. Distance recorded by miCoach could be very wrong since strike distance has to be adjusted when running uphill.

I can see clear sky above me without much tall buildings nearby so it’s disappointing to see the Nike+ app failing. I’ll try RunKeeper app next time. Surely I’ll do this route again on an early Sunday.

Nike+ 13.64k time 107:33 pace 7:53 A/MHR 159/167 score 90%


November 18, 2010

電話響起,看見來電是 +86 1xxx 又要煲東瓜,幸好我國內朋友 (其實是香港朋友在國內)十分少,可能是其中一位用了新號碼打給我。

一般無論是誰我都會說"Hello …” (不說 “喂” 有時可嚇退電話推銷),他一開口便說話。
我: ” 找誰?",
我:” 找誰?"
他:” 真的聽不出我的聲音,明天我下來要罰你喝酒了。"


Good green run with a few spikes

November 17, 2010

Again a relaxed morning run, 90% score is my best so far and average HR of 148 must be a new low. However there are two HR spikes in the middle which I don’t understand.