15k wasn’t that difficult

October 17, 2010

The original plan was to run beyond 10k so I set a favorite run in yellow zone for 90 minutes. I expected somehow near the end I would be in yellow zone although I intended to run slow with stride rate around 165 for this first attempt of running beyond 10k.

I am so happy to see the low score of 10% meaning that I ran most of time in the easy green zone. In fact my heart rate near the end was lower than I ever have expected. I felt differently comparing to a 10k experience such as

  • a bit hungry at the end, a banana prior to the run obviously wasn’t enough
  • flexibility of my muscles, joints, feet appear to have gone near the end
  • I need a new pair of shoes
  • if this is a race I can continue for another 30 minutes or so

Half marathon I’m coming.

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