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Intelligence is an illness

June 26, 2009

What am I talking about? You either don’t understand or disagree, you are normal I’m probably not.

Doctors say that minor illness from time to time is good to your health; we do lots of things during the day trying to stay alive or doing things that are good for health. Stop and think about this, you’ll know in fact this isn’t completely true.

Some intelligent people, I mean those really intelligent people, they may think that they are ahead of everyone else around them most of the time. At least some of the smart people I know are thinking like that. There are of course smart intelligent people out there that are also very wise, they are mostly doing something good for the human kind or making a dent in the Universe.

To some of them intelligence, either acquired or gifted, is illness without symptoms in my opinion. Until the symptoms surfaced they wouldn’t know they have been carrying that illness all along. Because they don’t see symptoms (funny enough we dumb people see these symptoms clearly), and are not suffering from anything, they will not look for a cure. In some cases there are lots of so called friends, colleagues (those that pretend to be intelligent too) around these intelligent people dosing additional poisonous praises.

It’s a great pity for them, especially those intelligent and lucky ones, that words like defeat failure setback aren’t vocabulary in their dictionary.

I was talking to a young fellow recently who is working for a very intelligent boss (his word, not mine). I gave him a puzzle to solve, i.e. a magician gives him only one chance to open either one of 2 boxes, one containing his strengths another his weaknesses, which one he’ll pick to open and see inside?

I prefer to be dumb (healthy and wise) most of the time and get smart (illness) only once in a while.

I don’t mind to be unfortunate as well, misfortune is blessing in disguise anyway!


June 10, 2009

All because of him


I did my first lesson yesterday here.

May is done

June 1, 2009

In April I have done 40.85k and in May 21.8k. This is a lot less than previous months.

As you can see my plan of swimming during lunch time wasn’t really working, the problem was serious headache. The headache is felt at the frontal part of my head and it was so severe that I had to stop before reaching the other end of the pool. This is something that I haven’t experienced before ever since I picked up running last year so I was quite scared. I experienced throbbing in my head before, possibly due to the heat when it was hot, when I run but never felt the pain I experienced in the pool. Last week the headache sustained for a few days after the swim.

I searched for an answer.

This is called exertional headache which is quite common (once for one in a hundred people). One of the ways to avoid that is to monitor the heart rate to tell that intensity is getting too high. I can’t do that in the pool and I don’t feel the heat while swimming so I can’t tell if I was working too hard. Breathing is also said to be a possible cause and I have to admit that I have overestimated my ability and certainly breathing with my strokes wasn’t quite the same as in running.

Another article here in MedicineNet could be scary if you are near my age.

I’m not giving up so I tested my body again this morning by walking/running for nearly 4k. I have a cup of water and banana before the run and brought with me a bottle of water making sure I’m hydrated. I ran only 5~7 minutes and listened carefully to the build up of headache.

Relieved, the headache was very mild and it was gone as soon as I cooled myself down.