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Keyboard your fault again

April 30, 2009

Now I’m using XP Pro instead of the desired Windows 7 beta, I can now see the boot camp partition.

Picture 1

It’s a weird behaviour because my keyboard’s Alt key (Option for Leopard) doesn’t work anymore. It worked once when I switched from Windows 7 to Leopard but not in the reverse direction.

I’m wondering if I need to invest in this

There is a very nice walk-through here but I can’t see other people having similar problem like mine. My problem, which is that the boot camp partition installed with Windows 7 has gone missing, appears to be a known issue after my search in the forum see here, here and there.

May be I’ll try again when Windows 7 RC is in the wild.

Mini's performance

April 27, 2009

Below is WEI for the Mac Mini


I can’t understand why Mini scored less than my DIY desktop because Mini is having DDR3 1066MHz memory. It would be even better if Apple has another version using 7,200 rpm hard disk.

Mac Mini

April 24, 2009

The Mac Mini is back, got the Super Drive replaced.

It should have been a DOA item if I hadn’t registered online, never mind it’s near new with the drive replaced.


April 20, 2009

At my 15th year with this company hope it’s not too late to know why Shibaura in Japan is some place that I got to know.

Just bought this book yesterday