Max Heart Rate?

February 19, 2009

How fast can I beat?

From here my MHR should be around 170. Professionals here suggest that my rate should be 180. Traditional wisdom, for men, maximum heart rate should be 220 minus your age, for me this should be 171, you can read more from here.

Last year when I was tested on a treadmill I was given 174 as target. Few years ago I was given 190+ as that doctor said I should be given maximum heart rate at my age +10%. The lower target maybe due to the fact that I was consulting doctor for an alleged health problem hence a conservative rate to work to.

Books I read say that one should be doing workout with heart rate ceiling at 85%, for me this is between 145-153. I exceeded this last time I jogged for just more than 1km, perhaps I need to do more brisk walking to improve my cardiovascular fitness first.

[edited 16.09.2009] From here my MHR should be 175 and I have experienced MHR at 181 while tried to run fast.

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