A 3 columns theme

October 25, 2008

I’ve never done one 3 columns theme before, this is first.
There are few features, in particular

  • entry.single will call entry.sidebar
  • comments will call comments.sidebar
  • search will call search.sidebar
  • tag will call tag.sidebar
  • display of single post is moved to a post-block.php, this makes changing easy at just one file
  • Google adsense codes are put in 2 files horizontal.googleads, vertial.googleads and also Amazon ads in amazonads files, so if I play with this on localhost I just have to comment out the include file line
  • there is virtually no image used except one in the header
  • Google analytic codes are also in a separate file such that they are not called when theme is not online
  • style sheet is small 4,687b vs 14,692b (system K2 theme)

My rationale is for certain display to have conditional sidebar for cases like single post and rendering of search/tag search results.

I have tried to make the style sheet as small/light as possible but still there 200+ lines.

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