Ubuntu in VPC

July 31, 2008

Virtual PC 2007 SP1 is a free download from Microsoft.

I don’t need it actually because I can dual boot into Ubuntu from my PC here. I just want to give it a try, you don’t have too many free products like this from Microsoft.

I haven’t tried but I can assume that it’ll be a piece of cake if you want to install another Microsoft’s OS in VPC. I tried installing Ubuntu 8.04. It certainly wasn’t easy and I found a good article telling me exactly what to do.

Don’t rush like me, following the article didn’t take me anywhere. There are 160+ comments the real wisdom is in those comments posted by readers. Key steps you shouldn’t miss are

  • Don’t install straight into HDD, run live CD then install
  • Use graphic safe mode (F4) and add additional commands to startup script (F6)
  • Edit grub script during first boot

Enough for VPC, I prefer Wubi

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