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Vista your second chance

April 28, 2008

It was just more than a year ago that I tried Vista. Sunday morning woke up early having not much to do I ran upgrade from XP to Vista again.

The upgrade was slow and there was only 1 slight glitch overall everything was a lot better than last year. The PC was online all the time and there wasn’t any driver issues except that I had to download printer driver manually from HP for my 1020 LaserJet. Surprisingly after a whole year driver like this isn’t in Vista database.

The user experience is definitely a lot better than last year. I haven’t been able to get SP1 yet as there could be few more updates to install before that. Now the MBR created by Grub during the ubuntu installation has been rubbed off I’ll be installing ubuntu again which I have downloaded the latest 8.04 LTS released 24th last week.

Study self

April 24, 2008

Why do we want to understand oneself? We are not of our own creation we know so little about this creature named self.

When I was a lot younger I learnt a bit of Palmistry and other fortune telling tricks from a uncle. It didn’t quite help to understand myself obviously I wasn’t able to acquire the lost art. When I got older I come across astrology. I didn’t understand or believe in those things either.

There are however some truth in all these things, e.g. the basic traits of Scorpio and that reference in wiki to Chinese ‘Pig’ surprised me

The Indian equivalent of Scorpio is Vrishchika. The Chinese equivalent is thought to be the strong, resolute Pig, whose lunar month is 8 November – 6 December

Given that this is western materials the analysis about Pig I would say is pretty accurate. After all these years I think I know a bit about a Pig born in the month of a Scorpio.

iPod Touch

April 19, 2008

Got iPodtouch today. It’s a 32G at $512 or local dollar $4,000.

It’s a lot thinner than I thought it is. I have now sync my near 10G of music and there are still a lot CDs left in the shelf that have yet to be imported to the library. I hope 32G is enough.


iTunes cover flow

April 17, 2008

You won’t get album artwork in your iTunes unless you have an iTunes Store account. The workaround is that firstly you get a redeem code from here you could then redeem a few free songs from iTunes Store by creating an account. The good thing is that you don’t have to enter credit card details yet. You’ll have to fake that you live in the US so unless you really are familiar with the place you’ll need to try your luck for some zip code here.

PS [edited]: I got my PC reformatted a few times with iTunes library flushed out. Found this good Senuti freeware which can import all my music from my iPod back to the iTunes library.