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Hardy Heron I can't hear you

March 31, 2008

I have tried couple of alphas for the forthcoming 8.04 Hardy Heron. Just tried the latest beta last weekend. It was a perfect upgrade. Run update-manager --devel-release in terminal or enter this line in Alt-F2.

There were no errors no hiccups. Because of the relatively slow connection that day download took a while and the whole of upgrading took few hours. There were 1,060 files to download of total size close of 1G. May be it’s faster getting iso image from here and do a fresh install.

At the end too bad the sound card isn’t recognized by 8.04. It was OK at earlier alphas. My son can’t play online games in ubuntu for a while.


March 31, 2008

I heard this on the radio – Perhaps Love by John Denver

Perhaps love is like a resting place
A shelter from the storm
It exists to give you comfort
It is there to keep you warm
And in those times of trouble
When you are most alone
The memory of love will bring you home

Perhaps love is like a window
Perhaps an open door
It invites you to come closer
It wants to show you more
And even if you lose yourself
And don’t know what to do
The memory of love will see you thru

O love to some is like a cloud
To some as strong as steel
For some a way of living
For some a way to feel

And some say love is holding on
And some say letting go
And some say love is everything
Some say they don’t know

Perhaps love is like the ocean
Full of conflict full of change
Like a fire when it’s cold outside
A thunder when it rains
If I should live forever
And all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you

This is a song I always remember a philosophy forged into my mind even when I was young. There are 2 sides of a coin even for love. What is love, something indescribable or describable by almost anything.

WordPress WXR import now works

March 27, 2008

This time Slicehost forum came to rescue. It’s the /tmp folder that has been naughty. There is another /var/tmp which keeps file after a reboot but that doesn’t need to be writable. Only /tmp has to be for temporary files. This is causing WXR import to fail.

Sister’s site is now back to live.

Because I Learn is back

March 27, 2008

Everything I know failed, WXR import and mysql import are useless to me.

I used a temporary WP install to hold the content of ‘Because I Learn’ in this server which I imported content from into this Habari site. Last night I swopped the folder, i.e. ‘Because I Learn’ domain is pointing to that temporary WP installation directory by using mv dir1 dir2 command. This temporary WP site is now pointing to a almost blank install. Because I Learn is now back to live.

I have shouted for help in WordPress support 4 times, haven’t heard a thing yet. From Slicehost forum someone suggested that I check out write permission of the /tmp folder. Reading this article I’ll be learning something new.