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2 Years ago

January 30, 2008

One of the good things about the ‘? years ago’ box on the sidebar is that it reminds me of things that I don’t remember.

From this entry I know that I went to Yundi Li’s concert 2 years ago. I went to his concert again last Saturday.

Connections – update

January 29, 2008

One of the Habari user wrote to me asking for my modified version of Connections theme ported to Habari. I took Harris’ latest version which is now at 0.1 and tweaked from there. What more have I done?

  • Font change for post-title and post-date, I just don’t like italic there
  • I have disabled the current page display at the page navigation, you won’t click the link for the current page right?
  • Theme functions to show entries ‘Recent 2 weeks’, ‘1 Year Ago’, ‘2 Years Ago’ and ‘3 Years Ago’ are added back. These are still experimental using old trick $theme->my_silly_function() rather than function filter_theme_call_my_silly_function() as I don’t quite get what Owen taught me to do
  • Slight change at the first box for user login. Before you are logged in the box shows ‘Login here’, once you are logged in it’ll show ‘Hi username

Connections Theme

January 25, 2008

This is one of the themes that I like when I switched to WordPress few years back. Now Harris has ported it to Habari, I’m delighted.

As usual I tweaked it a little

  • slightly larger font
  • Adsense between posts
  • Expandable sidebar group using jQuery
  • My custom login form such that once I’m logged in I have links to ‘edit my profile’, ‘dashboard’ and ‘log out’
  • The custom userhandler.php is also in /user/classes/ as well such that when I’m in I’ll be redirected to the blog
  • Footer color change

I have yet to include theme functions to show 1, 2 and 3 years old entries on the sidebar.

The sidebar is perfectly aligned for Safari and Firefox, I gave up on IE7 it’s just to hard.

Change required at footer.php

January 21, 2008

Further to the change at the header.php here comes the footer.php.

I had to change Theme::footer() to $theme->footer() at the footer.php file. The theme function that I was having for my footer, which I got the idea from db_profiling.php, isn’t working now. I had a brief look at the current k2 theme but still couldn’t figure out how to fix that. Perhaps I’ll have to ask the geeks again.