First few days with Slicehost

November 12, 2007

I have their email on 10 November, that was 39 days of waiting in the queue. The link/offer given was good for 4 days so I paid up the same evening.

I built my OS ubuntu 7.10, that took around 2 minutes and I have my IP and root pass. I was too busy over the weekend so I didn’t do anything with it. May be I was lucky, got below from support yesterday.

The server your slice was one became unresponsive to our monitoring at 0448 GMT and an emergency reboot was required. It appears that the network interface card stopped responding, we’re investigating this issue. Slices were restarted and are running fine. We’ll notify you should further action be required. Please contact us with any questions, we apologize for this downtime.

I set up my zone and changed DNS to slicehost‘s from VPSLink so I guess it’ll be a while before I need to build my LAMP. I still couldn’t ping my slice by name this morning.

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