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VPS Hosting

October 31, 2007

I gave up Budget Dedicated at the end, I emailed them last Friday but I didn’t get their reply until this Tuesday.   Apparently they don’t work over the weekend.    I was considering a tiny plan of 64MB RAM and 1GB storage for euro 12.04/month.    Also PayPal was the only payment method that I don’t like.

Today I also sent off enquiry to KnownHost.    Review on them is quite good and price wise they are also attractive but too bad they came back few hours later saying that CentOS is the only choice I have.

Next one down the line is VPSlink which I also sent off an email to.    Let’s see how they come back.

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Leopard upgrade

October 30, 2007

I did the upgrade not a clean install. I was hoping to try the out of beta BootCamp so I tried it last night.

I tell people to read manual first for everything they do but I don’t follow my own instruction. I should have read the manual first.

I tried that with my genuine OEM version of XP Pro which isn’t SP2. BootCamp doesn’t allow that but I went ahead regardless. It wasn’t OK.

That forced me to reinstall OSX which I found to be better. After the upgrade the startup screen changed, the Apple logo has gone and for some reasons the boot up took longer (I didn’t time it with stop watch).

The Apple logo returns during boot up after the clean install with the revolving wheel which I prefer. A clean install also has the new Safari.

I may try installing XP again but I think it’ll be hard to buy XP Pro with SP2 now from shops!

PS: the fastest Vista notebook ever is a Mac

Day 5 – Slicehost reservation

October 26, 2007

I think I’m nearly ready to run my own show so I checked my position in the slicehost queue.    Sadly it showed 3 weeks after 3 weeks of waiting, how disappointing. Even worse after reading comments to this entry in their blog.

Today I got email reminder from Budget Dedicated that I should be making up my mind soon.   I currently is playing with a 64Mb memory 1G slice there perhaps I’ll pay for a month.

Other choices are VPSlink and xenEurope.

Securing Apache

October 25, 2007

Apache is perhaps difficult and complicated to tweak so first of all I’ll learn how to secure it.

In ubuntu I’ll have to tweak the file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default/. To disable display or disallow browsing of folders if I don’t have a index.html file there I need Options -indexes. However Habari requires that FollowSymLinks is allowed while WP doesn’t need this, don’t know why.

If I don’t allow access to files other than those saved in the site folders then I need below between [Directory /] and [/Directory]

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Options None
AllowOverride None

I have used XAMPP for years on PC there are things that I got to learn now when apache is running in a server.

Once new settings are entered I could check syntax by apache2ctl configtest before restarting apache by apache2ctl graceful