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Darkhalf 0.2

August 31, 2007

Added an ‘About’ section on the left hand column of the ‘dark’ footer.

Also in the middle section there is now ‘Recently’ column listing out recent posts. A custom theme function is used to generate this list. I could input parameters ‘no of posts’ and ‘no of weeks’ in the function. Currently I’m showing 10 Nos of entries in 2 weeks so it’s simple 3 lines.

This is DarkHalf 0.1

August 30, 2007

This has a bottom section in black containing all you need for navigation so it’s called Half-in-Dark.

Content is not centered in the middle instead it’s flushed left. Sufficient space on the right if you wanna put some photos or ads.

For a change this is not of fluid design. The color scheme is not final just something very convenient for the time being. By the way there is no footer in this design, all those stuffs are at the left bottom corner.

For a change again I’ll be looking for a suitable header image for this theme. This looks nice in Safari, Firefox for Mac or Opera but terrible in IE especially if you squeeze the browser sideway.

I’m testing Tinyau’s Tag Cloud Plugin.

PS: the Tag Cloud plugin is now working, Tinyau found it. Apparently the
function action_add_template_vars( $theme, $handler_vars )

isn’t valid prior to r777 if it’s written this way

if ( !empty( $this->tag_cloud ) ) {
$theme->tag_cloud= $this->tag_cloud;

the last line has to be replaced by
$theme->assign( 'tag_cloud', $this->tag_cloud );

Roundbox is done

August 29, 2007

I have Roundbox 0.45 activated here [site removed] so theme here is back to default K2.

What’s next I don’t know but I have been looking at Interface to see if there could be visual trick that I could use to enrich the menu display for my themes.

This Theme changes a bit

August 28, 2007

I have added color to the bottom part of this theme. I must have said this thousand times that I’m no good at color. You just have to tell me if this is good or not. In fact I like it dull and boring and believe that simple things last longer.

You like this or not I’m afraid I’ll be keeping this theme for a while.