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July 21, 2007

I have temporarily taken down the theme “Classical” and you are seeing the default WP theme Kubrick again.

In WP2.2 it comes with jQuery as the Javascript library.   See articles here at Ajaxian and AJAX magazine.   I think in may ways WP is still using jQuery along side with and it’ll take a fair while to completely flush out codes using the old library.

I’m still using my “Classical” theme here and I’ll need time to upgrade the sidebar to use jQuery instead of the trick I learnt from DHTMLGoodies.   All in all it’s a lot easier to use jQuery for the sidebar what I have done is only adding a line in header.php adding styles for dl, dt, dd definition lists elements in style.css and changing a bit in sidebar.php

I’m not sure if it’s faster but it’s certainly cleaner.    In due course I’m sure there’ll be a lot more plugins (such as this one for comments) and visual tricks written using jQuery.    It’ll be fun learning them.

2 Responses to “Back to Default”

  1. sfong15 Says:

    Testing this jQuery-ajax-comments, once this is activated my jQuery sidebar got expanded?

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