mini-DVI to VGA

July 17, 2007

I was thinking of buying a LCD as the second monitor to be connected to my MacBook.    It was all because of the wrong mini-DVI to DVI adapter I bought along with my MacBook.    The store should have warned me or given me a choice.

With mini-DVI to DVI adapter I must have a monitor, CRT or LCD, which accepts DVI-D signal.    I don’t have one.   Today I bought the right adapter of mini-DVI to VGA for $19 and have it connected to my very old EIZO FlexScan F35 CRT display.

I have below choices for resolution
EIZO F35 resolution.jpg

Because the Macbook is of 1280×800 (16:10) widescreen so I picked 1152x 870 for the F35 display.

I bought another piece of useless junk it’s a keyboard protection skin for $17.    The touch is simply terrible that no way I could tolerate typing with it.

When the external monitor is connected very quickly MacBook detects it and I could easily set resolution suitable for my monitor.

Accidentally I also found that putting MacBook to sleep without it connected to AC supply is a bad idea as the battery will be drained very quickly.

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