My new MacBook

July 8, 2007

I have a new toy, I described it there.

As I would be putting my programming stuff here in this blog so I won’t be blogging about MacBook there.

Since I have my MacBook up and running my first few tasks have been looking for freeware that I need to enable daily use of the notebook, few key ones are

  1. Text editor, hopefully free, few links are here.
  2. Development environment, i.e. Apache, MySQL and PHP etc, links are here
  3. Office Suite?    I have MS Office for Mac 2004 test drive came with the MacBook but I won’t be buying it so I need something else.   I have tried OpenOffice in XP but it just looks too much like MS product so I prefer NeoOffice.
  4. I’m also using Firefox along side with Safari because of the great add-ons such as ScribeFire that I used to post this.

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