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What I have been playing

July 31, 2007

I have been playing with Habari recently.

I firstly made a test drive (now removed) with a few posts documenting my initial experience.    Playing it on localhost and hosting is quite different.   I even made a theme for it which wasn’t too difficult.

There is no sight of next developer release so I tested the current subversion here.    My original theme made for the first release didn’t fit.    A new theme named ‘RoundBox’ was made which I quite like its clean and simple look.

Tinyau made a few plugins for Habari and his latest one to display RSS feed of my flickr photos is working in this h722 site (now taken down).

I’m looking forward to the next release such that I could move my content over.

Companion for my toy

July 31, 2007

I have to find a companion for my toy.    I have dual monitor in the office so not quite comfortable with the little display of MacBook.

I considered Samsung, Philips and eventually picked ViewSonic.    I didn’t like Samsung that much until I visited their factory in Korea last year.    Now Samsung is a premium brand like SONY and you really have to pay a premium.    Philips is OK but the look is a bit dull.    ViewSonic is somewhat in between so that was my choice.   Anyway the shop said all monitor of this price range is made in China so I don’t think I can really tell the difference especially I’m not a gamer and I don’t watch DVD with it.    For $215 I can’t be too demanding.

The ViewSonic comes with a built-in speaker but it sounds crap so I guess next companion for my toy would be a reasonably priced USB speaker.



July 29, 2007

I have trouble getting my XAMPP installation working properly in my VISTA Ultimte PC. This is very annoying as I have been using XAMPP for a long time and am very comfortable with it.

First installation was smooth but as I click Admin>Plugins within Habari the browser just keep loading. I then tried starting and stopping Apache service then I got “ERROR -1”.

I decided to reinstall XAMPP this time with UAC turned off. The 2nd trial is a lot better as I could start/stop Apache without any errors. The problem with Habari remains, too bad, I need alternatives. I have installed WordPress 2.2.1 there without any problem. I have even backed up my site (domain name gone, now taken down), changed the url reference, imported the database into the localhost intstallation which works perfectly.

I could run IIS and install PHP. However I fear that as my host is not running IIS so there could be weird behaviour?

There are in fact other alternatives from this list of WAMP here. I have my eyes on EasyPHP and WAMP5.

I have experience of using IIS5 when I was developing ASP3.0 years ago so I may give it a shot first. I need some luck.

Testing code escape plugin

July 29, 2007

This is a plugin written by Tinyau which is based on Code Auto Escape.

Below is a sample from K2 theme,



username; ?>

This plugin is must have for coder’s blog. I use Code Markup for WordPress which gives you more freedom in rendering your code.