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June 29, 2007

The 2,000 milestone was 24 April 2007, today there are 3,016 downloads.   A brief summary below

  • Barebones series templates = 1,028
  • ezLogin plugin = 1,167
  • Sunrise/sunset templates = 433
  • ezCount plugin = 252
  • Habari plugin/theme = 136

The Barebones templates are most popular and as I said before I was surprised to see people actually like my sunrise/sunset templates. I have yet to see one in action!! Please do let me know if you have used one of my templates.

WP 2.2.1 is out

June 22, 2007

Before I could upgrade all my sites to 2.2 latest upgrade to 2.2.1 is out.    I found at my site here everything is perfect there is no character display problem.   However at my main blog there are some funny character, e.g. apostrophe has turned into funny characters!    I didn’t do anything at the config.php file to fix that since I have no ftp access from here.    I just edited the post again and it turned OK now, just wondered why?

Upgrade to WP2.2

June 21, 2007

I have just upgraded sites that I maintain including this one to 2.2, that one for sister Karen has no problem.    The one for my Professor was having problem displaying Chinese.    The solution is here.

My main blog doesn’t use Chinese except for one category name so I don’t bother doing anything with it.    I’ll wait and see for a while.

The best Web apps – what do you use?

June 21, 2007

I use a few which are voted as best among their category according to Webware best 1000 for 2007.

Browsing: Firefox, netvibes

Communication: Gmail, meebo, openID (just for Zooomr)

Media: flickr

Publishing: WordPress, Feedburner

An interesting note is that Google has at least one entry for all 10 categories except Entertainment.