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WordPress 2.2

May 30, 2007

The latest version Getz is out for nearly two weeks now.   I have just tried automatic upgrade with one of my dummy test site here.

All my plugins work fine and I still want to watch it for a while before moving up.    There were too many minor versions recently and I don’t bother upgrading whenever a new version is out.

svchost, Windows automatic update failure

May 29, 2007

Windows [tag]Automatic update[/tag] is sort of like your regular health check.    What if your doctor who does your regular check isn’t reliable?    This is what happened to the recent Windows automatic update.    If you are running Windows XP like me you may find the process [tag]svchost[/tag] eating up 100% CPU usage for prolonged period.    That’s was like very high blood pressure for no reason.    Your computer may become unresponsive and even hang up.

You need this pill (id 927891) and this drug (id 932494) to cure this high blood pressure.    I took these then later found that I have missed 8 Nos of updates of 38.2Mb in total size.

I thought the high blood pressure was due to a virus which I did find one called Generic4.pjr of Trojan Horse type but that wasn’t very harmful.


May 26, 2007

I watched 2 movies during my trip to Japan.    The Pursuit of Happyness was a bit disappointing.    I read critics earlier and I thought there would be coverage of Mr Gardner’s career struggles after has has started his own business.    There are touching moments, no doubt, but overall I was expecting more than that.

On the return trip I picked something lighter which was Music and Lyrics.    Everything that Hugh Grant does is predictable of course but the attraction this time is the music.    I now understand when you get older it’s easy to live in one’s shadow of the past.    Having a break through in life is easily said then done.

Finishing Sophie's World

May 19, 2007

I started reading this book back in February.    I went pretty fast at the start and bookmarked many pages which I should return to revisit.    I stopped at around 3rd quarter knowing how the story would end.    I was wrong as the ending was well written as it talked about the modern world of our time.

I finally finished the whole book during my trip to Wuxi this week.    I’m sure I’ll have to read this again in due course.

I’m moving on to “A History of God” by Karen Armstrong.    It’s about 4,000 year quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.    I see this as a study on Western Culture for me rather than a book on Christianity or theology.