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February 28, 2007

I started serving files for download in October last year.    First few files are theme/template for my [tag]barebones[/tag] series.    ‘Barebones’ is a template of very simple design and it was a record of my learning process from ground up.    Since then there were 4 templates that I have provided for download.    I’m surprised to see that there are total of more than 380 downloads.    I hope those simple, bare minimum designs are easily understood by beginners like me and are helping others to build better eye-catching themes.    I have since then built few themes from those templates.

I’m too lazy doing other things in fact, while using the barebones template, I spotted couple of mistakes which I should have corrected at this site here.

The other ‘popular’ one is [tag]ezLogin[/tag] plugin which has recorded 387 downloads as of this writing.    Some said why didn’t this feature built into the WordPress delivery.     I didn’t like widget for sidebar but I think I should at least learn how to widgetize a popular plugin like this one.

I’m also flattered at more than a hundred download for my [tag]Sunset[/tag] theme which no doubt I’m using at my main blog here.    I have yet to discover another site using it or a modded version of it.

ezComments 0.1

February 28, 2007

This [tag]ezComments[/tag] [tag]plugin[/tag] is now at usable state.   This takes 7 arguments.

  • arg1, default = 1, i.e. track/pingback and comments are mingled together.   Use 0 to separately group them;
  • arg2, number of comments to be shown;
  • arg3, number of words of comments to be displayed;
  • arg4, text to be inserted between comment author name and date of comment;
  • arg5, html tag before each comment, default = <li>;
  • arg6, html tag after each comment; default = </li>;
  • arg7, time zone difference in hours.    If current time generated by time() is behind server timestamp of the comment then the time difference will be shown as negative. This can be verified by submitting a comment and tell the time difference by this plugin. The arg7 is then the figure displayed, in my case it was entered as ‘-5’;

Widgetized ezLogin 0.2

February 27, 2007

Many thanks to David Forrest who widgetized ezLogin version 0.2.   This is now available from download page if you are using widgets for sidebar.

David will also be helping me to test a widgetized version for the latest 0.32.    If you are not using widget download is here.

ezComments 0.02

February 26, 2007

Now you see ezComments version 0.02 working side-by-side with the other plugin here.   I think mine is slightly better.

I used a workaround to tell trackback/pingback, i.e. if it’s not a comment the comment_author_email field is empty.    This has assumed that site owner would have checked the options>discussion>’comment author must fill out name and e-mail’ optioned in admin.

The comment_style in database returns nothing that I could use, simply don’t know why.    Another characteristic is that if it’s a trackback/pingback the comment content is wrapped by […]. (PS: now have this removed for a nicer display)

I could possibly go further by letting user to have a choice to separately list track/pingback and comment. (PS: done, now they are grouped)