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January 31, 2007

I’m not talking about the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Wiki) that you know.

In everyday management we have a lot of these especially those that suffer from Mid-Life crisis.

What is Mid-Life crisis for companies? If a company is 40 years old it’s actual age is more than that. Of course it depends on the type of company also. If it was a startup 40 years ago and has been in dictatorship since then surely it suffers from this crisis. Another key feature of this type of company is the age, background, freshness of the senior management or the members of the board. This information is normally in the public domain if the company is listed.

What happens to a company if it suffers from mid-life crisis? Well it’s more or less like me I guess. I felt lost, lack of energy mentally, in search of satisfaction but didn’t know where to look and most serious of all is the sense of insecurity.

To cure is to start again. For me it was to start learning as an expert beginner (read from Jim Collins book), meeting new friends, trying new things (e.g. raising a kid or learn to play piano) in order to refresh/recharge/rebuild/resurrect oneself.

This isn’t easy for a company especially those large ones. I’m just a piece of wire that is out of tune. A company is a Grand Concert Piano with 88 keys that needs tuning. The difficult part is tuning while music goes on. Guess who’s playing same old tune all these years?

It was said that “…you can only tune a piano if it’s in tune….”. This is very true for a large corporation where it is so tightly interwoven internally, system so rigidly accustomed to, stone age mindset uncrackable and most damaging of all is “…what good does it do for me from the change…”.

Change management in companies that suffer from mid-life crisis are ending up in a NATO = “No Action Talk Only”.

Snap Preview Anywhere

January 30, 2007

If you are using snap‘s SPA then you have to read their FAQ. I just turned the preview of internal links ON. I think it’s more like links of the same domain. Before I turned this one other sites of the same domain are not shown.

Ajay has done a plugin as well if you are running WordPress and prefer a plugin over adding the script to your theme.


January 27, 2007

The post and subsequent conversation here about Habari are interesting.   If you are capable of trying here it is.    You also must read this from Chris J Davis.

Back in mid 2005 when I was considering to switch to a hosted solution I picked WordPress basically by reading comments, I think I made a good choice.

I do hope that Habari is not another Logahead.   I’m pretty sure it won’t be knowing the big names behind the project.

The other way to search

January 27, 2007

Snap is the other way to search. I have just added their free link previewer at this site so if you mouse over link here you’ll see a preview window of that link, cool isn’t it.

Performancing‘s blogrank has retired and gone.