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Gmail vs Yahoo mail

December 29, 2006

I know which one is better after the earthquake that damaged 6 out of 7 undersea communication cables.

Logging in was no problem on day 1 at Yahoo mail, today logging in is as fast as if there were no damages. Gmail is still slower than connecting via a 56k modem.

This could be an issue with the ISP that I’m connected to at work but generally I think Google isn’t as good as Yahoo in this case.

Know your Operating System

December 23, 2006

Our value system is like the Operating System, OS, of a computer. If human is like a computer I think on delivery we have just the BIOS nothing else. The Operating System was installed at the first 6 years as people said “what you need to know you learn them all in kindergarten…”. There are very little tweaks one could do with that OS not because it’s difficult but both you (the computer itself) and your parents are not trained before owning you. I haven’t heard in any civilizations that one has to be trained and licensed before raising a kid.

I owned an Apple II clone before I knew what a computer can do for me. Does this sound familiar? All kids cry for a computer before they know what it is about using computer and programming and the risks of going online.

The computer, you, then start installing/acquiring software/applications. I acquired knowledge from schools, friends, peers, parents, media and from time to time there are conflicts between what I acquired just like compatibility of different applications/programs in computer. I crashed and I learn more about my OS every time I have to reboot/rebuild myself. If you are lucky like me being fairly close to my parents and have a peaceful childhood then you’ll probably have a robust OS which could resist spam, spy wares and viruses that you have inevitable exposed to.

I see waking up in the morning is like recovering from hibernation. Your “Get back to work 5.0” is loaded immediately if you have too much bothering you at work. Lunch time naturally you would be running “Gossip 360” as the media player. You’ll be broadcasting what you have seen, heard and fantasized a bit during that hour or so.

After work I’ll be loading “family 2.0”. I wouldn’t say this application is consuming less CPU load than any other applications as that is a multi-tasking application. I have the “wife 2.0” running in the background and “Kid alpha” drawing a lot of heat. To have a balanced life it’s recommended that “Get back to work 5.0” is unloaded first or else you’ll be risking permanent damage to CPU.

Normally I would try shutting down by around 11:30 at night. Next to my pillow there are a few books on OS maintenance which I would like to browse unless my CPU is overheating.

One thing I noticed is that updating, which is not automatic, and routine inspection and maintenance is required in order to upkeep the ‘IBM‘. Routine maintenance is really like self-diagnostic programs. This is really important if you are at the same time installing OS for “Offspring 1.0”. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your OS you are likely to pass on the same bugs to the new computer during his/her first 6 years.

IBM‘ is not Big Blue that you know. It is Integrity, Body and Mind. Without any of these in perfect condition any computer would crash easily.

Happy computing!

Comments on my sharing

December 20, 2006

Further to my little talk I received comments from one smart young fellow.

He said a few valid points, without his consent I can’t post them here. Generally I agree with him. In return I said below.

  1. Environmental Protection = Education. I agree to his point about political situation here in Hong Kong. Education policy in Hong Kong is appalling.
  2. What happened if don’t like what your wife delivered in her whole hearted attempt to learn cooking? I have to say I’m a lucky guy in this respect. It’s not just that my wife cooks well what’s more important is that what food she likes, I have mentioned how important that fact is here.

    I wish him luck naturally on his wife’s attempt to cook. Excuse me for the “theory of the opposite” again, it’s not the taste or quality of the cooking that matters in this case. It’s the warmth you felt from her attempt. Obviously if she has been dwelling on “theory” (by reading cookery books only instead of practicing) her perception of being a good wife is not about delivering good meals. This is forgivable. I can’t say why she has changed that’s for him to find out. Whatever the motive was her attempt deserves his appreciation.

  3. As my friend is married so I mentioned something that I forgot to share at the talk. Raising a kid is not like cooking. There are no degree programme or training courses to attend before you are eligible to raise a kid, the best book to read is yourself. Read the dark side of yourself, make suitable adjustment, tune it up, develop your own set of theories (you’ll be telling a lot of stories like what I’m now doing to my 5 years old son) before you decide to have your family.

A bit more on the Theory of ‘the opposite’. This theory is confusing even to me. This theory doesn’t operate alone and one should always see things together with “2 sides of a coin” theory. It’s wrong just to read books, study, theorize without practicing. It’s also not right just to learn by trial and error if there are ways to avoid repeating mistakes people have made before you.

The Clock Tower at Star Ferry

December 18, 2006

Use ‘star ferry’ and ‘clock tower’ in Google search you’ll get more than 30,000 results. This is pretty hot these few days.

This article in The Guardian is worth reading. The Queen’s Pier will be next and just by its name her destiny has long been determined by the SAR Government.

I’m not that sentimental about this clock tower although I’m nearly as old as it. I would say it was the ferry terminal, which has been poorly maintained all these years , that I have memory of. It was also the chime of the clock and not the image of the clock that I would like to preserve. Hong Kong people is famous of rushing all day I just wonder how many times in my life I have actually sat there and watched the tower.

What is interesting about this crisis (for the Government) or this memorable event (for the demonstrators) is about the drives behind those young demonstrators? What are the drives behind the emotions? I don’t think it’s the clock tower itself. What have they perceived of the Government’s actions or inaction? I think that is a topic worth discussing rather than whether or not we should rebuild the tower physically.

Perhaps it’s sad to ask ‘…what is wrong with the value system of our SAR Government?…’

Not too far away across the diminishing harbour there are 5 masts. I think they are going as well because the bus terminus will also be relocated. Didn’t you have your first date there some years ago! Act now before it’s too late!