Styling for ezLogin plugin

November 21, 2006

Got comments from Brandon about using my plugin or really it was a styling issue of ioerror‘s original login scripts, more about this in this post.

It is the entire purpose of transforming the script into [tag]ezLogin[/tag] plugin. It’s so much easier to implement and to do necessary styling. You could do styling using a bit of your html knowledge but that could be tedious. The clean way is to do this. Firstly of all you have to add the call to the plugin like below in your sidebar.php:

Then you need something in the CSS file to format display in your sidebar, e.g. an id selector such as below

#loginout {
#loginout a:link, a:visited {
#loginout a:hover {

Now you can finish this off quite easily in the sidebar.php file

The above example is for the theme currently used by Brandon which is called Azuro 1.0.

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