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Top 1% local talent

November 30, 2006

I can’t agree more with David‘s comment on my last post.

I haven’t tried out [tag]EditGrid[/tag] yet therefore it’s not really suitable for me to comment on their merits against other similar products.

There is however one thing that came to my mind, is there anything that these local top 1% talent can do for the community here?

I heard recently about how much paper our schools are wasting here. What if someone could build something to help them for free and get sponsorships from local businesses or suppliers doing businesses with these schools? E.g. a portal for online storage, archives and retrievals of digitized documents.

I know hosting and data centers are expansive here but as big enterprises have been saying that they support education and would be socially and environmentally responsible I don’t see why project like this isn’t a ‘good cause’?

Local Talent

November 30, 2006

I thought I have read enough about IT matters, I am wrong.

Not until recently I didn’t know we have locally based IT superstars. Hongkongers are really capable of competing in the global arena on software/IT.

EditGrid is an online spreadsheet which is as good as (or better than?) Google’s docs & spreadsheet or [tag]Zoho[/tag]’s Zoho sheet. Proudly say it’s purely Hong Kong.

Another hero is Network Box who has good reputation of providing UTM, unified threat management, using ‘push’ technology giving you around the clock protection.

Finally launched

November 29, 2006

My main site has finally adopted this [tag]Sunset[/tag] theme. Now also successfully added border to images on the sidebar and a bit of color on the background within the box. I hope this reduces the contrast between the image in the box and the dark background.

I found it difficult to add a border to the [tag]meebo[/tag] box because it uses embed tags which doesn’t allow adding of border. May be I should give it a outer box?

New Look

November 29, 2006

Pretty dark isn’t it? No need to turn on lights I hope.

This is a new look called [tag]Sunset[/tag] which is truly mine. I have been WordPressing for more than a year now and this is my first [tag]theme[/tag]/template. The image you see above is also mine.

You don’t see theme switcher now on the sidebar. The 4 other themes that I have tweaked using sidebar codes from NewZen is no longer my favorite as codes from dhtmlgoodies is better. E.g. you could click open and close any of the sidebar groups. Which one to slide open on page load is also programmable. It uses just one javascript file and the codes are very clean. The only downside as far as I can see so far is that if your computer is slow then the slide open speed is noticeably slower. Firefox uses upto 40% of CPU’s time in my DELL D600 while I click open a group.

PS: download is available at this page.