It's annoying using Office 2007 beta 2

October 10, 2006

The configuration process is very annoying if you are not using the entire suite of [tag]Office 2007 beta 2[/tag] [tag]Technical Refresh[/tag]. I have to use Outlook 2003 due to compatibility issue with exchange server at work, no choice!

Office 2007 will prompt you with the setup “configuration process” screen, whenever you start something else such as Excel or Word as if it was after a fresh install, and that will take forever. Naturally I searched for an answer and found a post describing similar behaviour.

I now have to use a workaround. Every time I see the big configuration screen I will kill setup.exe in the Task Manager. It won’t give up and will start Windows Installer which has a process name of msiexec.exe kill that also. After a few trials I noticed that you may have to kill these two processes a few times.

I’m sure there must be a way to tweak this in the registry.

One Response to “It's annoying using Office 2007 beta 2”

  1. UnderTheHood Says:

    > I mentioned a workaround here
    Thanks for the tip. As you will read ( I have shot myself in the foot, and appear to be unable to re-install either of 2007 or BTTR.

    FWIW, what would be the effect of renaming the setup.exe files to inhibit the re-initialization until such time as you need it?

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