I messed up my Toshiba R100

August 1, 2006

I think I know what I did wrong now to my Toshiba R100. I removed my office domain and joined a local network workgroup at home. On restarting my notebook didn’t allow me to sign in because I don’t remember the administrator password. Who would remember a password set some 2 years ago. That was it. The notebook has no other valid account which I know the password. The notebook is dead.

I searched the internet the only way available now to recover data is to plug the harddisk of my notebook via another interface. I’ll have to buy a 1.8″ external HDD box just for that.

Now I am using a DELL D600 notebook in the office. That took me a while setting things up again. One thing just learnt is to migrate a firefox installation from one place (user) to another. MozBackup is a great application which saves you lots of time. It takes a profile and saves all your setting, preference, saved password, history, bookmarks, extensions, plugin …etc. You just have to install the same application at your new location, point to the saved file then it’ll be all done. Even all the blog setting for my performancing plugin can be saved and safely transferred.

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