It isn't easy to transfer files between computers

July 26, 2006

I was trying to set up a network of 2 computers via the hub in the router. It wasn’t easy at all.

It was supposed to be pretty easy as Windows has wizard to help me with that such as setting up computer name, description and workgroup etc. It went error free but I still couldn’t find the other computer on the network even with them hardwired.

I turned to the Free version of Network Magic at last as I have it installed on my notebook already further to recommendation by D-Link.

I have both computers connected before I felt too tired and transferred some files. I did it also on wireless mode from my notebook.

It turned out that, while I was on my bed still thinking about this hassle, it was Windows firewall that caused all these problems. I used Live OneCare on my both machines and I had to turn off the firewall completely on the receiving PC before transfer can be done. This could be the reason why both PC couldn’t see networked computers under the same workgroup even though the setup was error free.

One Response to “It isn't easy to transfer files between computers”

  1. Mike Kelly Says:

    I recently set up a new computer on my home LAN. I installed Windows Live
    OneCare as the anti-virus and firewall on the new computer. However, after
    doing this I found that I couldn’t see any of the other computers on my
    network. I could access some directly by the IP address (e.g.
    \\ but not by name (e.g. “\\office”). My printer is shared by
    another computer on the network, so this was problematic.

    After spending quite a bit of time poking around on the network, I found
    that after doing three things, the problem went away. I’m not sure if all
    three are necessary, but thought I’d document them here since I’m sure others
    will run into this.

    1. You need to be sure that the connection on the new computer has NetBIOS
    enabled. To do this, go to Start > Connect To > Show All Connections. Right
    click on the connection you are using from this computer to connect to the
    LAN and the Internet. Chances are it is called “Local Area Connection”.
    Select Propeties and then scroll down in the dialog which appears to find the
    entry for “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” in the list labeled “This connection
    uses the following items”. When you select “Internet Protocol”, the
    Properties button below will become enabled. Click it. Then click Advanced
    in the dialog that appears, go to the WINS tab in the next dialog that
    appears and make sure that “Enable NetBios over TCP/IP” is marked. You may
    have a choice to inherit the setting from the DHCP server – I just marked it
    as always enabled.

    2. You need to open some ports on the OneCare firewall. Again, not entirely
    sure this step is necessary. There is a KB article describing this – ; For OneCare, I went to
    the OneCare screen by clicking on the “OneCare” “1” logo in the taskbar. I
    then went to View or Change Settings and clicked on the “Firewall” tab then
    clicked on Advanced settings. (If you’re starting to think it’s fairly
    ridiculous that you have to do all this “Advanced” mumbo jumbo to just get
    local networking to work, you’re right.) Now go to the Ports and Protocols
    tab and click “Add”. Add one and give it the name “SMB” which has “Both TCP
    / UDP” for the TCP or UDP setting; 135 – 139 as the ports; “Both” for
    direction and “Local network only” for Scope. Click OK. Now add another one
    for NetBios – give it the name “NetBIOS” and mark it as Both TCP/UDP, port
    445, Direction Both and Local Network Only for Scope.

    3. Reboot.

    4. At this point, you’re sure it’s going to work – at least I was – and it
    still doesn’t. So there’s one final trick that might in fact be the only
    thing necessary – so maybe try this first before doing all the mumbo jumbo
    above. I’m just giving it to you in the order I did it. The trick is to
    UNSHARE your Shared Document and then RESHARE them. Yup; I found this one on
    some Windows Live OneCare support bulletin board. So here’s what you do:

    Start > My Computer
    Right click on Shared Documents and select Properties
    Click on the Sharing tab and UNCHECK “Share this Folder on the network”
    Click OK.
    Right click AGAIN on Shared Documents (which is now a misnomer :)) and
    select Properties
    Click on the Sharing tab and CHECK “Share this Folder on the network”
    Click OK.

    Now, I’ll bet if you go to Start > My Computer and click on “My Network
    Places” in the left side, you’ll see all the shared folders on your local

    Good luck!

    Mike Kelly

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