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February 28, 2006

What is telecommunication, let’s look at this from ground up.

Telecommunication = Tele + Communication, i.e. communication at a distance. Tele is Greek and is a common prefix in English for “distant”.

Communication is a how information is exchanged, it’s a process event or occurrence. Communication can take many forms such as

  • radio
  • telegraphy, pretty old terms they are telex, telegram, facsimile etc. Optical telegraphs could be smoke signals or beacons. Electrical telegraph could be Morse code
  • television
  • telephone, of course these days this could be fixed line or mobile
  • computer network

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February 28, 2006


February 28, 2006

UTW has 3.0.1 for WordPress 1.5 therefore I have immediately upgraded.

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February 27, 2006

There are some handy tricks to help you search better in WordPress, see this post by podz.

If you go to podz’s site HERE, there is a way to add search engines in Firefox, what you’ll get is below.

One minor thing to warn is that when you save the codes in your notepad be sure to put file name between quotes, i.e. “codexWP.src” or else windows still set that as a text file not file with “.src” extension.

codex search in FF