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FTP transfer at Yahoo

January 30, 2006

Have tried 2 times ftp transfer of files, both not very successful.

It appears that it doesn’t like large batch of files or folders during transfer. Today found out that the naming convention is somewhat funny because I got critical transfer error when a folder is transferred if the folder name isn’t allowed. It says

must contain only ASCII letters (a-z,A-Z), digits (0-9), underscore, dot and dash.
Response: 553-Names must not start with a dot (.) or dash (-).
Response: 553-For additional info please visit:
Response: 553-See

E.g. I tried sending folder wp-backup-1.7, it failed because folder name wasn’t OK I guess. I then created a folder named wpbackup17, have all files within it transferred then manually changed folder name to wp-backup-1.7, it was OK surprisingly. I have to ask Yahoo why?

Manuel WP 1.5.2 installation

January 30, 2006

The manual WordPress 1.5.2 installation at Yahoo web hosting is now successful. See it there at HERE.

This is done by Yahoo granting me full privileges for MySQL such that I could flush the privileges tables. The installation was then error free.

PS: Yahoo later said I better not use my login user, which has been granted full privileges, to change anything at the database named “mysql” because that is used for administration only.

Lang Lang v Yundi Li

January 28, 2006

Went to their concerts within a week. Lang Lang‘s was on Tuesday 24th and Yundi‘s on 26th Thursday.

Although they did slightly different things (recital vs piano concerto) but they have so much in common. Lang Lang did K330 of Mozart and Yundi also did it as encore. It’s necessary for marketing because they both have this Sonata in their recent album release.

Lang Lang’s K330 wasn’t too good because the piano was out of tune. In the second half the piano was fixed and he was alive again. Lang Lang delivered 7 little pieces more as encore and the pieces by Schuman were very nice, may be something that I could try and manage.

Both of them will be 24 in the year of the dogs.

Yahoo is talking

January 26, 2006

Got a reply from Yahoo about my questions on Mysql server

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Web Hosting. I hope the following
solution will work for you.

The MySQL warning that you are receiving is just a warning and will not affect the running of MySQL at all. This warning generally appears due to some up gradation at our end.

If you have a special need for piviledges to be set for a particular user, Yahoo! Web Hosting Customer Support will set the priviledge for that particular user. However, it will be necessary for Yahoo! staff to enter your account in order to add the user.

Please reply to this message, giving Yahoo! permission to enter your Yahoo! Web Hosting account and take those steps necessary to set the priviledge.

For verification and testing purposes, please be sure to include the following information:

My answer is very simple. I don’t have special need, I’m not granting access to others, I just want to make it work for me and me alone. I like the security though, I have to supply a long list of information to verify myself.