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December 31, 2005

I’m currently transforming this theme into “Neuron-green”, please bear with me for the funny colors.

The header image is originally from Katherine Lu found in Flickr.


December 30, 2005

I have given this version of Neuron theme a name “Neuron-Blue”. My next step is to create another version “Neuron-Green”.


December 30, 2005

CONSISTENCY – the key is to “make their commitments active, public, and voluntary”.
There is empirical evidence to show that a commitment made out loud, written down or otherwise made explicit is likely to affect one’s future conduct than the same choice left only in mind/heart. May be this is why commandments are engraved in stone. In office life it is important that commitments, communications that are important are delivered and received in writing. This is not just for a matter of record but also that if people are accustomed to putting commitments in writing they will surely think twice before making them to others and to themselves. Last but not least commitments must be voluntary and not forced, coerced or imposed on. It is important that the one committing must feel that he/she owns that commitment.

AUTHORITY – defer to expert is a human nature. Human being is follower; we naturally follow those who display authority. We naturally seek leader and decision makers around us to follow. It is a wrong assumption that your peers know everything about you and how much you are relatively superior than them at certain things. Executive and leader of a team should therefore establish their authority in order to exert influence. You may have time to establish your authority with your own staff but you may have to plan ahead if you wish to let your external working partners to know more about your expertise. It would be better if relevant information about you is conveyed causally rather than through formal introduction at official sessions. You may be seen as showing off if your messages are misread.

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December 30, 2005

It’s out at last my test site using RC3 is therefore useless. Wonder when my hosting Site5 will have automatic upgrade available.