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Firefox doesn't like it

November 30, 2005

I have added the “more” tag to few posts with Windows Media Player video streaming. When you have a post with WMP the memory usage of FF will jump from a nominal figure of 50~60Mb to 80~90Mb and makes the loading of the page very slow. The memory occupied will not come down unless you end and start again FF.

The Big Eight

November 30, 2005

From the research by the authors it is found that most people in business are motivated by between one and three deeply embedded life interests. All business work could be broken down into eight types of core activities of what they called “business core functions”. These core functions represent the way deeply embedded life interests find expression in business. A summary is as follows:-

1. Application of Technology
2. Quantitative Analysis
3. Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking
4. Creative Production
5. Counseling and Mentoring
6. Managing People and Relationships
7. Enterprise Control
8. Influence Through Language and Ideas

The Techniques of Job Sculpting

November 29, 2005

The authors have discovered that the key is deeply embedded life interests therefore the key technique would be to identify these interests of the staff you want to retain. The discovery is best done by the Manager, not the HR department, because it is all about observation and communication between the supervising Manger and the staff being retained. May be you could observe what he/she is most excited at, discuss with him/her about their real interests and what part of their daily route they hated most. The desire of uncovering key staff’s deeply embedded life interests can also be openly discussed such that talented people can help in examining themselves. The self examination could be done by way of a written assessment of accomplishments, goals setting, identification of training requirements and future growth/advancement etc prepared prior to a regular performance review/appraisal. Once such a culture in identifying deeply embedded life interests is established staff can then actively participate in the process and communicate honestly with their Manager about what they like and dislike at work.

Video Streaming

November 25, 2005

According to MSDN it’s safer to use WMP 6.4 control to support browsers other than IE. Below used codebase 6,4,7,1112 and older clsid.

I guess codebase isn’t important in most cases if the client has WMP already installed. It’s useful only when the client browser hasn’t got any version of WMP installed then the page will fetch the correct version from the Microsoft site to have that installed.

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