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September 30, 2005

By the way I emailed this local hosting Advanhost in mid September enquiring a few things. So far I have heard nothing from them! How could a company in business by not responding to sales enquiry? Why don’t they simply remove email contact details from their website if they don’t have anyone responsible for responding to enquiry emails?

Anyway that might have been good for me as I don’t think they are as capable as hosting companies in the US.

Plugin for Registered User Only

September 30, 2005

Have tried last night at home to use this plugin available from Carthik Sharma, no luck. I tried at the DreamHost blog just fearing that I may crash this stable one at Site5.

May be I have to resort to using .htaccess to restrict users but that’s a dumb method as far as I’m concerned because I’ll have to enter 50 names and passwords etc…. That’s a lot to do in further maintenance of the blog. There must be some open-sourced scripts out therefore to do this smartly.


September 29, 2005

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

DreamHost Database problems

September 28, 2005

They have now figured out why. They said “It looks like all of your databases are on the same mysql instance, with the exception of sfb2. So if we fix the permissions on one database then that will change the password and the next db will not work. Set up different usernames for each database. This will allow this to not happen again. So for the current db that is not working, add a new user and delete the current user, then update the wp-config.php file to have the new username and password you created.

Well why didn’t they alert users during installation? Whereas in Site5 I wasn’t given a choice on username and database names, that was actually good in hindsight, for people like me.

I guess I may have to give up on DreamHost.