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Server down at blogger

May 31, 2005

It has been 2 days there must be a major problem with Blogger’s server.    Their Status Blog also can’t be contacted.   I just hope that this email posting is working.

Napkin model

May 27, 2005

Originally uploaded by sfong15.

This is the famous Napkin model in QM exam. Professor didn’t want to return my own work this is just the best of my guess work. I know exactly what I have done wrong, i.e. the dotted line between D1 to D2 to D3 to D4. To aide memoir D1=day 1, EOS=express overnight service, SS=standard service, NEW=new purchase, SOLD=napkin sold.

Sunset at CWB

May 27, 2005

Originally uploaded by sfong15.

As I have removed this photo from the background I think this deserves a space here. I must be having my newly brought digital camera with me in the car. After work it was and with normal traffic descending towards Victoria Park.

New look with music touch (blogspot)

May 27, 2005

Can’t resist to put a bit of music touch on my blog.    The background is music for Sarabande of Bach’s Partita No 2 in C minor.    This beautiful short movement I have done with ease now I’m working on the next one Rondeau.    Rondeau, marked Allegro Vivace, is far more difficult and I have only done 1 pages out of 3.    My valid excuses are my recent bronchitis and QM examination.